Beyoncé is so overrated like what the fuck yeah she’s Beyoncé but have you seen the Queen of England

Who hurt you? Not Beyoncé.

you comparin a 12083123801823 year old white woman to a 33 year old black woman who is breaking and setting records, a black woman who sold almost one million copies of her latest album in less than a week, a black woman who literally did not have to do any promo what so ever to do that, a woman who openly brands herself a feminist, has never thrown any other women under the bus to further her career, black woman who donates millions to underpriveleged people—especially women and does not seek media attention when doing so, a black woman who is literally worth more than the queen of england

yeah, the queen gotta rule a nation but the queen bey got the world at her feet



she wouldn’t be able to do this anymore without the media up her ass


Blue Ivy


Blue Ivy